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The Chebyshev filter is well known and described in all the texts. Its transition band can be made narrower by adding ripple to the pass band. This also makes the group delay variation and subsequent distortion worse.

Here are is an example of Chebyshev IIR low pass response. Note the severe ringing in the step response.

Chebyshev Low Pass.png


A good way to judge the merits of the Chebyshev is to compare it to the Butterworth. Only 8 poles are needed for approximately the same stop band attenuation as a 14 pole Butterworth, but it has pass band ripple, and a peak math value of 78 as compared to 12 for the Butterworth.

Butterworth Chebyshev Comparison.png


The free Iowa Hills IIR Filter Designer will synthesize Chebyshev filters up to 20 poles.

The source code for generating Chebyshev low pass prototype filters is given on our Example C Code Page.

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